10 best fleshlights in 2021 pure sexual pleasure price and reviews

10 Best Fleshlights in 2021 – Pure Sexual Pleasure

Steve Shubin is the name of an American who created and patented in the mid-90s, a plastic cavity in the shape of a woman’s vagina, which was inside a tube, which when viewed without details resembled a flashlight, that’s how Fleshlight was born, the product that after its creation was marketed by Mr. Shubin.

What is a Fleshlight?

This name makes reference to a sex toy, but that has the particularity of being for men, it has the form of a vagina, made so that the man who uses it can manipulate it with his hands and can use it every time he wants without any restriction, as they, the men, could say, does not ask for anything, does not make fights and never refuses.

The name of this toy is derived from flesh, Flesh, and its resemblance to a flashlight, Flashlight, because of the cylinder shape it has, the inside of this fake female genital apparatus, has an appearance and texture similar to the flesh that have real women’s vaginas.

This fake vaginal cylinder has at its end the figure that makes it look like the entrance of a vagina in a very authentic way, with a great realism simulates the outer lips and all its interior, with an opening through which the penis of who will use it should be introduced, gives to whoever penetrates it a feeling that is very similar to penetrate a real vagina, and during penetration should be held and cause stimulation with the hand.

Different Types of Fleshlight

Customized Fleshlight

The purpose of this type of masturbators, the Customized Fleshlight, is to turn the moments of male satisfaction, in unforgettable minutes, in episodes of realism that tastes like magic, is to allow you to reach your most dreamed fantasies as many times as you want and at the time you want.

It is truly magnificent to have incredible sensations with the nuance of a relationship of explosive passion, with the closest similarity to having it with a real flesh and blood woman, right next to your bed, and with the availability of being ready to possess it with all privacy at the instant you want.

The Customized Fleshlight provides a sensation that exceeds the limits of reality, the textures they have, allow the man to feel that his penis is inside a tighter vagina for real, and can surrender completely to achieve the power that gives you good oral sex.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Among the diversity of Customized Fleshlight, you find this wonder, which offers you the opportunity to bring out the wild beast that dwells in you, and deliver you with fury, with an onslaught full of strength and vigor to feel the realism of a real vagina hungry for your penis, punish with all your impetus this Customized Fleshlight, you can satisfy your most exuberant instincts, and you can have the power and control, while you disguise this exciting vagina.

Make oral sex the king of pleasure, make the most of it with a lubricant full of aroma, and one of the advantageous features that give you represents the fact of its ease of hygiene because thanks to having an open cover, cleaning this device becomes a very easy routine to perform, just remove the cover of the transparent case, and then wash it with plenty of warm water.

If you want to go deeper for a more thorough cleaning, you can use Flesh disinfectant spray applications of Flesh, the Fleshwash, and let it dry, and keep on giving it, imagine your girl wants more and give it to her like a bull.

The Customized Fleshlight Quickshot can be used with accessories, such as a sleeve warmer that will make you feel that extra warmth in the penis, to make your experience richer, or with a Quick Connect to make the union of two Quickshots if you want a deeper vagina, of course, if you are well-endowed.

If you want to have sex with your Customized Fleshlight while you shower, you can get Quickshot support for the shower, this placed on the tiles of the bathroom and give furiously, the reason why this extraordinary vagina has become so desired, is the material Super skin with which they are manufactured so that the penetrator understands what is called feel.

Best customized fleshlight on hipponox

There is Customized Fleshlight like the Joanna Angel Lotus which is very realistic, so you feel like making love with her, it has a soft and very tight entry, to reach a channel with a little more amplitude and more comfort, it is Joanna’s human counterpart, imagine after seeing her on radio and television, having her in your bed, and every time you want, this vagina comes in a flesh color so realistic that it is like having her vagina in front of you, with all the incredible and desired texture of her vulva.

Fleshlight Launch

It is a sexual device, with the main feature of working with interactive virtual reality, which can be synchronized with online content, the advancement of technology in this wonderful device, is put at the service of absolute pleasure for men, the industry that exploits the business of sexuality, is so powerful worldwide, which manages to bill countless millions of dollar per year.

Now with this new creation that works with an online connection, allowing the use of mobile applications and virtual reality, this industry continues its dizzying growth.

The Fleshlight Launch is a great automatic masturbator, thought and designed for men, although many think that because people are different from each other, the masturbation devices should have manual operation techniques, it happens that the manufacturers of Fleshlight Launch, think the opposite, and have bet with everything to the complete automation of this satisfying male act.

This act of masturbation, which most of the time is performed by men in moments of great intimacy with it, then how could it be automated?

Well the answer is simple, the technological advance at the service of pleasure, that’s how it looks, the Fleshlight Launch, was put on public view for the first time at a fair in Austin, and is already on the market and has automated the way to masturbate, and is a great help for those who got tired of masturbating by hand, for use must obtain a Fleshlight, this is the device that we have been talking about, the cylinder that serves as a vagina.

How does the Fleshlight Launch work?

  • The first thing to do is to load the Launch.
  • Then insert the Fleshlight through the end of the device, twist it until it snaps into place.
  • Place a sufficient amount of lubricant on the Fleshlight and on the penis.
  • Then press and hold the power button for three seconds for the device to turn on.
  • When it turns on, it will be in interactive mode, this will be indicated on the mode button which is in blue.
  • If you want to change the mode to manual mode, press the mode button for three seconds, and you will be in manual mode, where you will have the possibility of the speed and also the stroke of the lunges.
  • To make the Fleshlight Launch thrusts automatic, you must press the power button for a space of one second.
  • If you want to increase or decrease the intensity with which the device makes the thrusts swipe your finger on the right side of the Fleshlight Launch up or down.
  • Control the speed of the thrusts, decreasing or increasing them, by moving your finger up or down on the left side.
  • Operation in interactive mode is achieved by accessing the feelme.com website.

Fleshlight Launch Features

  • This device has touch controls on its sides, which are used to adjust firstly the intensity, and secondly the speed.
  • It has a range of up to 180 movements per minute.
  • -The device has a Bluetooth connection, which serves to synchronize it with a computer and mobile devices.
  • It provides the possibility of access to a wide catalog of movies that have compatibility with Fleshlight Launch.
  • When the device’s battery is fully charged, it provides one hour of continuous functionality.
  • The time required to charge the battery is between six and nine hours.
  • The dimensions of the Fleshlight Launch are 32 x 15.3 x 16.5 centimeters.
  • Fleshlight Launch synchronizes with multiple types of content, encrypted videos, virtual realities, games, and webcams.
  • It can very effectively control the depth of each thrust and the speed at which the thrust is made.
  • -It has compatibility with different types of virtual reality glasses.
  • It provides the option of software updates, regularly and free of charge.
  • You can have your password-protected, to guarantee your privacy.
  • It is a portable and lightweight device.
  • Its design is elegant and provides discretion.
  • Works with Universal USB cable

Fleshlight Mount

This is the ideal accessory for the Fleshlight, has a rubber in the form of sucks, which has the function to adhere or fix it on surfaces that are smooth and flat, to place your portable vagina and have experiences like making love standing in the shower, without occupying the hands holding the Fleshlight, you will have fun and enjoy a world ramming like a beast and feeling the male dominator of your princess.

The realism that gives you this form of masturbation, you can raise your self-esteem, to make you feel powerful, you can also set your Fleshlight Mount with your vagina portable on the floor, if the surface is flat, and punish her like a lion, if you use the masturbator sleeve mouth, to have it fixed to the wall with the Fleshlight Mount you can get to feel that you get a fellatio movie, and if you prefer to punish the anus, use the Fleshlight anus and give it all.

Having your hands free will give you more energy to enter with all your vigor to your exquisite vagina and give yourself to the pleasure without limits, and to use your Fleshlight Mount, you just have to follow a few simple indications:

  • Unscrew the cap of the fleshlight and screw it to the Fleshlight Mount.
  • Attach the rubber Fleshlight Mount to the surface where you’ll give your portable vagina its due.
  • You must secure the Fleshlight Mount to the surface using the ON/OFF switch, activated in a counterclockwise direction.
  • If you want to adjust the angle for pleasurable penetration, you must unscrew the thread on the side of the Fleshlight Mount and place it at the angle you want, then screw firmly to set the angle.
  • Fleshlight Mount is compatible with all Fleshlight masturbator vaginas except Blade, Flight, Sex in a Can, and Sword.

Fleshlight Ice

It is a device conformed of a case and a sleeve for the exclusive masturbation, the two components totally transparent and elaborated with the same Super Skin material that all the Fleshlight products, the Fleshlight Ice means evolution in what referent to the quality, to its attractiveness, provides an excellent game of light, the form in which it has been designed allows to see everything that happens in the interior of the device.

It is a way to increase arousal and pleasure, whether used alone or as a couple while serving as a stimulus for the view, provides the ability to appreciate all the details that are occurring while penetrating.

Fleshlight Ice, combines style and elegance, the resistant crystal casing is combined with an innovative, transparent masturbator that pleasures with a high degree of intensity, the roughness and textures provide indescribable sensations magnifying masturbation and making them fun and exciting.

The novel textures that Fleshlight Ice has maximized male stimulation, the lumps, ridges, and nodules that have inside the contact and friction with the penis raise the ecstasy in the man who makes the penetration, and not only this, in the final part of the sleeve has a dome that presses the glans penis, taking the man to a unique and sublime moment of pleasure.

This male masturbator gives the man the alternative to reach spectacular and different orgasms.

Fleshlight Ice Features

  • This device has a length of 25 cm.
  • The length of penetration is 19.05 cm.
  • The material of which it is made does not represent any type of risk or danger, is non-toxic and phthalate-free.
  • Its case is transparent
  • The high-quality silicone is used in its manufacture.
  • The sleeve has a Crystal texture

How to use Fleshlight Ice

  • It should be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap, the type used for hands.
  • Due to the fact that more sensitive materials are used in the manufacture of Fleshlight sleeves, care should be taken not to wash them with soap, as it can damage them, it is recommended to wash them with a lubricant that is made of water-based.
  • It can be used alone or with a partner, it serves to improve performance in bed.
  • If you are with your partner, she can help you to make the experience more exciting and enjoy together the unsuspected moment that provides Fleshlight Ice.
  • Tightening and loosening the special cap that brings to control the suction, you can get a realism that reaches the limits of satisfaction with the strong suction that can achieve the device.
  • It can be used to simulate anal penetration

Best Fleshlight for girls

The porn star sites have originated and the vast majority of porn actresses who reach privileged places in this industry, currently have silicone and rubber replicas of their vaginas, loved and desired by many, and this is not only due to the extra income that this generates, in addition to this means for them a higher status in this market that is the porn industry

Let’s see some of the best fleshlights you can find in the sex store near you.

  1. Riley Raid Fleshlight
  2. Lana Rhoades Fleshlight
  3. Fleshlight by Mia Malkova
  4. Elsa Jean Fleshlight
  5. Kimmy Granger’s Fleshlight
  6. Eva Lovia Fleshlight
  7. Stoya Destroya
  8. Jenna Haze
  9. Asa Akira Fleshlight
  10. Dillion Harper

Riley Raid Fleshlight

This Fleshlight is one of the most coveted and sold worldwide, the perfect reproduction of Riley’s pussy, the stunning beauty of porn, if you reproduce everything that this beautiful skinny does, you can imagine the storm of excitement and intense sensations that await in this precious vagina.

For starters, it is endowed with the Utopia texture, and its interior is unique and unsurpassed, the four chambers or levels that presents are designed with sophisticated textures with channels and a tight passage in the path of the penis that provides an incredible stimulation to the male member, giving you the best sex you’ve ever experienced.

This majestic and sensual vagina is available in two versions, a vaginal and anal, both versions are designed by reproducing through molds, and in a very real way the ass and pussy of Riley Raid, imitating the interior of its juicy and provocative cavities through the texture more consistent with the real flesh of this talented porn.

When you insert your penis in the Fleshlight Riley Raid you feel a great stimulation in the glans of your penis, that area that surrounds your penis at the entrance of this delicious vagina of the lie has the shape of a bell upside down, from which come out ridges that rub your cylinder when ramming deeper your penis enters the next area, this is narrow and gives way to the next area a little wider, but with protuberances in 360 degrees that make you go to heaven.

Then when you introduce more of your member you get to the chamber of more length with a very narrow entrance, with contrasting width, with a lot of ridges and bumps lead you to feel a magical experience that no one and nothing can match, finally to put it all, reaches the fourth chamber in the depth of its interior has striae in 360 degrees that will be your madness.

The Utopia sheath that is provided with this vagina, is made with the patented Super Skin material, which is responsible for promoting the experience you have is very real, and at the same time provides durability to this Fleshlight, and that you can enjoy every time you want for a long time.

This artificial vagina gives you the advantage of fucking Riley Raid every time you want, to have dream orgasms, to wallow in pleasure, and reach the maximum limit of stimulation, also serves to train you and improve the way you behave in bed, making you last longer without ejaculating and lengthen the time of pleasure you give to your partner.

This device is the best gift you can give to your penis, for him, the Fleshlight Riley Raid will be the favorite food.

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

Lana Rhoades best Fleshlight hipponox

This exciting vagina will make you fly, the unique texture is highly personalized, and prepared to give you the best minutes of sex, with the most sensational experience you’ve ever thought, just to start the penetration will feel that takes you on the path of a safe ecstasy, the cavities have rings that cause orgasmic intensities, vaginal lips are very soft as the reality of Lana, and in the front has the signature of her.

The Destiny sheath equips the inside and is of medium width, with spaces that make it vibrate when you penetrate it, the whole journey you make with your penis, over that lovely vagina is exciting going from the soft entrance and continuing through the section of a length of three inches and an inch wide, feeling super pleasant friction during that entrance.

The walls in the next phase are covered with cubes that exert pressure, and you feel along and across a ribbing that causes delight and throbbing of the penis, inside the canal continue three rings each smaller than the other, which reduce the width increasing your stimulation, then it expands again in the area of squares, which puncture the penis as it passes through before it reaches deep inside.

Masturbating with this little one is something incomparable, is to possess the beautiful and monumental Lana Rhoades at the disposal of your penis, so that you can punish her whenever you want.

With Lana Rhoades, Fleshlight incorporated the new textures, Destiny with the first pussy of Lana, with cavities that have structures with protuberances that provoke incredible sensations, creative textures combined with narrow channels that intensify the feeling, the entrance hole of Destiny is the most realistic mold of the pussy of Lana Rhoades.

lana rhoades sexy tight fleshlight

lana rhoades sexy tight fleshlight

Additionally, it comes with an anal texture, which they called Karma, that serves the function of providing the most realistic and powerful anal experience, you can delight in the combination of pleasant bumps and soft grids on the walls of the device.


Lana Rhoades Fleshlight has a length inside 21 cm, and its texture can be reused, using proper care for the maintenance of this artificial vagina, you should only use soap that is neutral and water, then dry it and sprinkle it with talcum powder or cornmeal, this will protect the material from which it is made when choosing the lubricant you used to fuck her, look for those made of water-based so that the life of your vagina is longer.


Fleshlight by Mia Malkova

Fleshlight by Mia Malkova on hipponox

Fleshlight released Mia Malkova’s first female sleeve called LVL UP, which features a realistic vaginal orifice so much like this beauty’s pussy that if you knew her intimately you would check it out, according to her website this artificial vagina is the bestseller, the intense texture you feel when you slide your penis inside is something you will never want to stop feeling.

The opening is designed with a tentacle-shaped spiral that has beads, and follow pockets chambers with lots of pleasure to enjoy, the cavities are tight and tighter, every centimeter of the penis that you introduce will give you countless sensations that will lead you to a safe explosion, the first portion of the vagina of Mia has a drill with channels and on it, the tentacles dotted and suction cups throughout its length that rotate around in this part of the vagina.

As you continue the penetration in the second section you will feel ridges that rub your penis, with good-sized bumps, followed by narrow channels that fit your member, when you reach the last section some squares massage the glans and cause electric sensations throughout your body, with the LVL UP you will have the feeling of penetrating an adorable and very innocent girl, who will ask for more, more for you to sweeten the inside of her vagina with your honey.

Fleshlight Girl is a very exact reproduction of Mia’s anal hole, called Boss-Level, you will have the sensation of penetrating a kingly asshole, the texture that feels electrifying, it is very tight and twists you around giving you crazy turns, and you have 9 inches available to put your penis to the maximum.

You’ll remember every time you penetrate her that Mia in reality is crazy about hardcore sex, so give it your full power.

The material used in the manufacture of this Fleshlight, is made of ABS plastic and Super Skin Real Feel, which perfectly mimics the beautiful skin of Mia, has the peculiarity of being more elastic than the materials of other previous editions, but requires certain precautions, being a type of porous material, there is the possibility that bacteria can lodge in it, for this reason, the Fleshlight of Mia Malkova should be a personal device, which should not be shared with other men.

The correct way to use this device is lifting first the cover, you will find inside the case a plastic tube that you must remove, and at that moment you must add a type of water-based lubricant inside the fake vagina, you must also use the lubricant on your penis, emphasizing on the glans, and now the glory, penetrate it in the way as you would do with mine, you have the advantage of imposing your rhythm and speed.

On the opposite side of the Fleshlight you have a cap, with which you can try screwing and unscrewing, you will feel different shapes and intensities of suction, screw it and look for variety, and never forget to clean it after you finish, it is of utmost importance for the preservation and durability of your fake vagina.

Elsa Jean Fleshlight

Elsa Jean Fleshlight Reviewed on Hipponox

Elsa Fleshlights are found of vagina and anus, the two sleeves are different, with this Fleshlight you will feel like you fuck a hot and sweet lady from the Midwest.

Elsa Jean Lady Fleshlight is the vaginal sleeve, with delicate pussy in the front, provided with the Tasty sleeve, it is as real as having Elsa Jean, it is one of the tightest in the whole history of the Fleshlight, at the entrance its width is half-inch and only exceeds the inch only once in its 9.5-inch length.

At penetration, you feel ring bumps that make it feel tighter and provide an indescribable suction, then it has three contractions with balls that make pressure and bumps at angles of about three inches.

When continuing the entrance of the penis, you reach the widest part of 1 inch, has two of these measurements, and separate a contraction, these areas have ribs that move in the direction of clockwise and exert pressure throughout the areas of the sensation of the penis, to reach the final part of two inches some pressure balls minimize the channel as the penis enters ends in two rings causing ultra-sensitive sensations.

The Elsa Jean Fleshlight for the anus is an exact mold of Elsa’s ass jerk, complete with Treat sleeve.

Elsa jean ass fleshlight tight ass jerk off

It is wider than the vaginal and has an equal length of 9.5 and provides sensations you will never forget.

Kimmy Granger’s Fleshlight

This vagina version uses a sleeve called Rebel and the butt version of the Mischief sleeve, with this Fleshlight the great experience of having sex with the hottest woman in the porn world, the Rebel has five chambers, the first one starts at the vaginal opening, identical to Kimmy’s when you start the penetration you will see how tight it is, it has small protuberances, with its spherical shape that come together causing great sensations.

kimmy granger fleshlight best top 5 reviewsIf you continue the penetration you will notice in the next chamber an incredible ribbed texture, with ribs that provoke throbbing sensations, then your penis will enter the third chamber even more real, you will think that you are inside Kimmy, then you arrive at the chamber for reaching a considerable rise in stimulation and pleasure increases almost to the maximum, its somewhat thick ribs rubbing the glans increasing the throbbing.

The last chamber raises the intensity of what you feel, full of hard nubs that form like cubes, caressing and squeezing the penis where it feels the most, the most wonderful thing is to feel that you are really making love to a beautiful lady like Granger.

The Kimmy’s butt version really reproduces the beautiful Kimmy’s butt, its main chamber covers the entire length of the sheath, the texture simulates the threads of a screw, which gives you the feeling that your penis was caught by a corkscrew, making you travel to the stars.

 Eva Lovia Fleshlight

Eva Lovia Fleshlight now available

The Eva Lovia Fleshlight is one of the Best Fleshlight for girls, its length is about 9.5 inches with a light pink texture, which resembles Eva’s vagina, it has four chambers that will drive you crazy with pleasure when you put your penis in it, it has a very narrow entrance of only 0.5 inches, penetrating this area makes you feel a spectacular suction, ribs through the canal provoke a high satisfaction.

As you continue with the entrance in chamber two, it also narrows and increases in width to move towards a layer of ribs that tickle the bottom of the penis, when you reach the third chamber there is another entrance that narrows and widens again and where it has a ball-shaped nodule that gets bigger as you put more of the tip of the penis, and that causes great pleasure,

The final chamber has raised lines that generate a high and intense sensation that will make you melt like butter, the penetration that allows this vagina, is very deep causing sensation at the base of the penis shaft that will make you come, to have orgasms with Eva Lovia Fleshlight no matter the size of the penis, the long length is not an obstacle for smaller penises, because from the third chamber the nodules cause the pleasure.

Stoya Destroya

Hipponox best fleshlight collection stoya destroya newly replenished on march 19 male masturbators

Without a doubt it is one of the Best Fleshlight for girls preferred by all the gentlemen, the beginning is quite tight, and a dome with the pleasure of 360 degrees, the impact of this dome of pleasure is unsurpassable, to feel the protuberances, the teeth, and the nerves are a sensation that drives crazy to any man, in truth it feels that it destroys its penis.

Stoya best fleshlight cost and review

This wonderful vagina causes hallucinations to the most painted man, the texture of this masturbator is really an envelope of ecstasy to the limit, just imagine the three rings that give you a great welcome, followed by the piercing dome that serves as a preamble to a row of teeth that provide a delicious rubbing, to take you to a row of bumps that will make you see stars and that pass you to a ribbed area that with its narrowing will make you moan of excitement.

This one of the Best Fleshlight for girls masturbator was designed based on the beautiful Stoya, to satisfy the fantasy of stopping sex with her, the unique, large, and fleshy lips of this beauty open up as if she were Stoya herself.

Available in three different configurations, Stoya, Lotus, and Mini Lotus.

Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze fleshlight blog and reviews

This vagina is provided with a Lady Sleeve and Butt Sleeve, it will make you feel an obsessive and lustful sensation, a very tight entrance, which is a beginning that will almost take you to the climax, if you are powerful and continue the penetration will arrive at a ribbed area that will make you imagine that you fuck a virgin Jenna Haze.

If you decide and have the guts to continue the penetration you will get to the next one which is crazy, ultra-tight, the bulges and ribs that will embrace your penis will make you feel a lot of intensity when you squeeze hard, and the best part, the end with echoes of Lotus and Mini Lotus, the satisfaction when you finish, will make you believe that you were the first one in Jenna Haze’s pussy.

Asa Akira Fleshlight

asa akira fleshlight detailed price and features review

This Fleshlight has the identical reproduction of the genitals of Asa Akira a porn star of the Asian continent very attractive and sensual, is a Fleshlight Dragon molded from the pussy of this beauty, with a cover that gives the touch textures in their best options, the design has careful details, simulating the maximum to the Chinese porn star.

Available in pale pink color, similar to natural skin, the interior is to enjoy it, intricate and with the intensity of textures, the opening gives an easy welcome, it is wide, with diameter that can reach 0.7 inches, once penetrated you will appreciate the adorable rubbing on your penis of the ribbed walls, this artificial vagina pampers the penis and provides a warm environment for you to stay in it.

It has along its length a series of structures that massage the penis as it goes back and forth, giving you the sensation of holding it.

The incredible textures that this sleeve presents are designed for gentlemen of all sizes regardless of the shapes, no matter where you have the curvature of your penis, this vagina is suitable for everyone, the pleasure in this Fleshlight is not associated with the amount penetrated.

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper fleshlight best price and reviews on hipponox

Dillon harper is another one of the best-selling Fleshlight, and it’s not only because of how sexy it looks, this reproduction of this lush and passionate nymph has a very crush texture, with the Lady sleeve, but it also offers the Butt sleeve, which is called Crave, for those gentlemen who crave all the time to stick it in and ram it like hell in the girls’ anus.

For the Harper girl, the good is only the best, her sleeve is super special, with 5 types, possesses the unique texture, using the best products of Fleshlight and turning them into a mind-blowing and very new vagina, and it is not enough with all this, but it can do everything.

You start with the conviction that you have Dillion’s beautiful ass in your hands. As you enter, you will feel the small knots on the sides, but as you penetrate and go to the next level, you will start to go crazy, It takes you to an area that is so tight that it squeezes your penis in such a way that even tears will come out of your eyes, your nipples will stand up, and when you enter the channel area and the ecstasy will make you burst, when you reach the end so tight that there will be no one who will not melt.

The Fleshlight is on the market for more than 24 years and in all this time, there are many types and models that manufacturers put at the disposal of the public, but despite such a wide variety can be achieved to establish differences between groups of these toys for men, a correct classification would be:

  • Classic vaginas, are available in very specific designs, being able to find models that have their so special characteristics, which make them different from the others, there are those to carry out sexual training, they also come in models with transparent colors, and of various dimensions and sizes, large, small, wide, narrower, etc.

The realism that the manufacturers try to give to the Fleshlights has reached the extreme using the most coveted porn star girls, of them they get to make reproductions very close to the reality of the genital apparatus of these beautiful girls, this means a process with much quality of elaboration, where it is possible to make a mold of the vagina of each one of the girls that are selected for such purpose,

These molds are then reproduced, achieving very exact replicas of the vaginas of these actresses, where even the smallest details, such as folds, labia, vaginal lips, textures of the vaginal interior, and even the clitoris, seem real, getting with these results to drive crazy fans and fans, who enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Within this type there are at the same time varieties, where the designs stand out for example:

Pink Lady


This was manufactured based on the pioneer Fleshlight, it sought the idea that was had at the beginning of these devices, with adaptations to new technologies, the so-called vagina in a can that was initially created and that came on the market a long time ago, continues to be among the best-selling products, becoming a commercial success.

It is composed of a channel that provides softness and can provide very intense sensations, and that produces great comfort and lubrication, it is very easy to use and in terms of hygiene, maintaining due caution has many facilities to perform the proper cleaning, in addition to this is not a product that causes toxicity, and is an article that has been sold globally more than 8 million units.

Stamina Training Vagina

It is not only a tool for masturbation, this fleshlight was created for additional purposes, to help men to improve their sexual functions and performance, apart from serving as a dildo provides a valuable utility in training, to efficiently control cases of premature ejaculation, with the correct and conscious practice provides rewarding results to gentlemen who run quickly.

Quick Straw Quickshot

The sense of the creation of this vagina is something that inspires comedy, is for those who seek to make the so-called cock powders, the quickies, the hurries, they say they do not have time to waste, consists of a double opening to not invest so much time or care in cleaning, open, use, clean and store.

It sounds somewhat absurd the complicated way to masturbate, and even seems strange to have to resort to a fake vagina, but for a great majority, this is something sensational and novel, because if women use bulky penises and with many veins and that is a great idea and solution, what reason could prevent men from having fleshy and exciting vaginas?

The truth is that this invention has solved many problems of self-esteem, depression and has even saved couples relationships, imagining having sex with a woman that is real life would be impossible, is a great comfort and relief for many gentlemen who find in these wonderful devices the sensations that they do not get in real vaginas.

Fleshlight has become a product that constantly evolves, integrating new techniques for total sexual satisfaction, printing every day more realism to their products, from engines, movements, systems that generate warmth and that each advance achieved produces users more satisfaction, discretion, and comfort.

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